Handcoded XHTML Design

Using a hand-coded layout with CSS and HTML provides a great number of advantages over using a tables-based layout. Pages are much more search engine friendly because there is no extraneous HTML code for the search engine spider to sort through in front of the web page content. This increases the chances of having your website ranking highly for your targeted keywords on the search engines. Reduced HTML mark-up also provides much faster download times for all users, but especially those that are using dial-up internet connections or mobile devices (PDA's, Pocket PC's, Smart Phones, etc.) to browse the internet.

• Benefits of Hand Coded websites:

• Less Code
Small file sizes produce websites that load fast on any type of Internet connection even dial-up.

• Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Results

Proper html with an external CSS style sheet allows Search Engines to focus on areas of importance without needing to sort through all kinds of meaningless code.

• Maintenance and Update Ease

With CSS located in an external style sheet, updates and changes are easier and faster. If you choose to change the color of a link site-wide, you change ONE bit of CSS code in the external style sheet. It is not necessary to scan every html page to find every link.

• Better Design Consistency

Consistency throughout the website increases the chances of a more enjoyable experience for the viewer. Since all banners are located in the same place, as well as menu items the visitor's eye doesn't have to relearn how your website works every time they go to a new page. This technique delivers a very professional and visually appealing website to all visitors.


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